Handling of the materials



Handling of the materials

All the materials have in the packing the information for its use in case that does not happen ask for information or the technical data sheet of the product.

The use of work clothing is obligatory .

Rockwool and Gasswool

To minimize the inhalation of dust during the handling use masks especially in closed spaces.

In outdoors handling stand favourably to the wind, the dust is taken in the same direction.

Use work glasses and gloves these materials are transformed easily in dust in case that they enter for the eyes, do not rub pass the eyes from water.

Always washes the work clothes separately.

Do not touch in products without knowing them.

Other products (polyurethane, foamglass etc…)

They have the same recommendations where the exception if it makes use of chemicals products for dilution, setting or cleanness. And cuts contaminations, noisy for the lungs and eyes.

Use work glasses and gloves

Residue of isolation

Residue of isolation must be chosen and packed for posterior transport to industrial treatment.

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