Quality, safety, health and environment policy


Tudisol, Lda., in fulfilling its mission especially of service in the industry, and civil construction in the thermal and acoustic insulation sector, is committed to the defense and promotion of the principles of sustainable development, seeking to create an added value to its customers with regard to thermal and acoustic comfort.

Tudisol’s management, Lda. Is committed to adopting a model of ethical and socially responsible management, seeking to consider in its decisions, in a balanced way, the economic, social and environmental preservation aspects.

We are aware that the company’s success is the commitment to maintain the four pillars that are:


In line with these guidelines and within the framework of quality management systems, health safety at work and the environment, Tudisol Lda Management is committed to:

Know our responsibilities to customers, employees, society and the environment; means giving the highest level of importance to issues relating to quality, safety, health, and the environment.

Ensure compliance with the legislation, regulations and requirements in force applicable to its activities as well as others to which it voluntarily joins;

Ensure that relevant aspects of quality, safety at work and the environment are systematically taken into account;

Prevent, by all means, the occurrence of serious accidents involving accidents at work and occupational diseases, in order to ensure and maintain high standards of performance in occupational safety and health; have as a minimum goal 0 accidents.

Minimize the environmental impacts arising from its activities, promoting the rational use of natural resources, pollution prevention and support for the development of recycling and use of used materials.

Promoting responsible and sustainable actions, active integration of all employees, as well as open dialogue are the basic requirements for mutual success. Through continuous improvement, we further develop our standards and accommodate them in the awareness of all employees.

Promote the professional development of its employees, ensuring the adequacy of their competencies to the functions they perform.

Develop and keep up-to-date quality, safety, health and environmental management systems. Establish in these aspects, and in compliance with the principle of continuous improvement, improvement objectives. Evaluate the results obtained with a view to improving the effectiveness of the systems, introducing, whenever it deems appropriate, the necessary corrective actions;

Communicate, through different communication channels available, of which stands out the Tudisol website and the training and information carried out monthly to our employees in different work contexts.

Involve, in compliance with the principles and commitments mentioned above, not only all employees of the company, but also suppliers and service providers who with Tudisol, Lda. cooperate in the different aspects of the social and commercial relationship with the company.

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